Tear Trough Filler for Under Eye Dark Circles

Our skin thins as we age and loses some of its collagen. These changes cause the skin to lose some of its natural suppleness, enhance the appearance of blood vessels, reduce volume, and increase dark shading under the eyes.

The most distressing indications of aging for most people are wrinkles and dark circles. These issues, as well as fine lines, redness, and puffiness, can be caused by genetics, UV damage, and allergies. Even the priciest anti-aging creams can't fix the swelling and rings that form in the thinned-out tear trough for most people. Expertly placed tear trough fillers, on the other hand, can rapidly revitalize the face and eliminate the need for surgery.
Tear Trough Filler for Under Eye

What is a tear trough?

The area between your upper cheek and lower eyelid is referred to as the tear trough. When it thins out, it is one of the first indicators of aging, and the result is often noticeable. The tear trough region undergoes changes as we get older, becoming darker, deeper, hollower, and less vitalized. These variations can cause bags to develop, as well as make your eyes appear sunken and create unsightly dark shadowing. This creates the appearance of lethargy and exhaustion, as well as old age.

How does tear trough filler get rid of dark circles?

Tear trough filler is a non-surgical procedure that entails a series of injections beneath the eye. As we age, our bodies stop manufacturing collagen and elastin, resulting in recessed or sunken areas in the face. Replacing lost volume and moisturizing the skin with hyaluronic acid gives the under-eye area a smoother, brighter appearance, allowing us to look fresher, more awake, and youthful-looking for longer.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human body, and hyaluronic acid gel dermal fillers are regarded as a safe and effective treatment choice for adding volume to specific areas of the face.

Tear trough filler is a hyaluronic acid gel mixture that is injected under the eye to repair lost volume while keeping the skin hydrated. The treatment normally only takes 20-30 minutes, and you will be able to leave the facility afterward.
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Are tear trough fillers painful?

Patients who have had tear trough filler treatment claim that it is not particularly painful. An under-eye filler's pain is normally bearable and only lasts a few minutes. Pressure will be felt around your eyes, which might be unnerving, but the pain will be minimal. A large number of people say the procedure is less unpleasant than they anticipated. A local anesthetic is also included in the dermal filler mixture, which helps to alleviate any pain.
After the tear trough filler treatment

After the tear trough filler treatment

You will be able to go home after treatment and notice the results in a week or two. You may have some swelling beneath your eyes, as well as bruising and redness for a few days after the treatment. As a rule, you should avoid having this treatment before a social occasion, and you should consider taking some time off work. After 48 to 72 hours, these adverse effects typically disappear.
In the days following the treatment, it is also recommended to stay away from physical activity and rough physical contact with the eye area to allow for healing and swelling to subside. Avoiding alcohol can help prevent additional puffiness around the eyes.
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Recovery Time and Post-treatment Care

The region under your eyes will immediately appear fuller. However, the procedure's complete outcomes may take one or two weeks to see. Follow the post-treatment instructions carefully, which usually include the following:
Ice should be applied during the first 48 hours.
For the next 24 to 48 hours, avoid strenuous physical activity and rough physical contact with the eye area.
Gently massage any lumpy places with your fingers.
Avoid sleeping on your stomach.
The results you observe after treatment are basically how it will look in the future months, just like with other dermal filler augmentation. Bruising and swelling are usual side effects, and they will go away on their own. A follow-up within a month of treatment is recommended to maintain the benefits. The anti-aging and skin-toning products available at Aesthetique Med Spa are ideal for keeping the thin under-eye skin moisturized and smooth.
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How long does tear trough filler last?

How long does tear trough filler last?
The results are visible right away, with the complete results appearing in around two weeks. To achieve the best hydration balance, your skin needs time to settle, calm, and integrate with the surrounding tissue.

Always remember that tear trough filler results are not permanent. If you want to keep enjoying its benefits, you'll need to repeat the treatments. Many patients get the injection once or twice a year.
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