Plasma IQ

It’s now possible to stop the signs of aging without going under the knife! Plasma IQ, the latest advancement in aesthetic science, is a non-surgical technique to lift skin, smooth out wrinkles, and create a more youthful look.

This technique uses the Plasma IQ™ Pen to safely apply controlled plasma energy onto the skin, prompting skin tissue to tighten.
Plasma IQ is perfect if you want a safe and immediate anti-aging improvement without undergoing surgery.

What is Plasma IQ For?

Wrinkles and sagging skin can make one look older or stressed. For a younger, renewed appearance, you’ll want to smoothen, tighten, or lift specific skin areas. Plasma IQ delivers that targeted skin tightening. It has a range of uses and benefits, all producing younger-looking skin on face and body:
Gets rid of wrinkles and crow’s feet
Tightens excess skin
Lifts hooded eyelids or loose eyelids
Prevents skin sagging
Reduces stretch marks
Removes skin tags
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How Does Plasma IQ Work?

1. Delivering Plasma Energy Onto Skin

For this skin-lifting technique, we’ll use the Plasma IQ™ Pen, an FDA-cleared handheld device that produces controlled plasma microbeams. We’ll glide the plasma pen over your targeted skin zones to deliver the plasma energy onto your skin tissue.

The plasma energy safely creates micro-injuries on the skin’s surface. Specifically, it turns the skin’s solid material into gas in a process called sublimation. As sublimation occurs, the skin tissue retracts or tightens.

This procedure takes place in-office and can be as quick as 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the skin issue we’re treating.
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2. Healing

After the plasma procedure, the skin will naturally respond to the micro-injuries by producing more collagen and elastin. Tiny brown scabs will develop on the treated area, and these will naturally and painlessly fall off within a week or so. Once the scabs drop off, they’ll reveal your smoother, younger-looking skin.
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How Much Recovery Time Does Plasma IQ Need?

Because Plasma IQ is minimally invasive, our clients don’t need much recovery downtime – they can go home immediately after the treatment! However, signs of irritation are expected, such as skin tenderness, redness, swelling, or scabbing. These are normal side effects and will subside within a few hours or days.

How Fast Will I See Results from Plasma IQ?

You can see some instant tightening right after your Plasma IQ procedure, but the best improvement appears around 3 to 6 weeks after the treatment. For best, most lasting results, we recommend 1 to 3 Plasma IQ treatments with 6 weeks in between. These produce skin-lifting improvement similar to that of surgery!

Cost: Is Plasma IQ Covered by Insurance?

Since plasma pen treatment is an elective procedure, it’s unlikely that it is covered by insurance. The cost of treatment depends on the size and severity of the skin issue being treated.

Is Plasma IQ Worth It?

For numerous clients with ideal results, Plasma IQ is worth it. They now enjoy smoother skin, refreshed-looking eyes, and a firmer-looking body thanks to plasma skin lifting.

If you’re considering this treatment, it’s best to consult with an aesthetic specialist for advice and planning tailor-suited for your skin.

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Find out more about what Plasma IQ can do for you
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Which Service Is Right for You?

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Aesthetiq Med Spa serves Oakdale, Whitebear Lake, Stillwater, Lake Elmo, Woodbury, St Paul and throughout the Twin Cities.
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