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Dark circle under eyes
Age-related shadows are the most common cause of dark circles under the eyes. As a person gets older, the curves of the skin surrounding their eyes change and often increase. Dark circles might occur as a result of the changing skin, which can be considered unattractive.

Fortunately, there’s Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP, one of the most effective treatments for dark circles under the eyes. Platelet-Rich Plasma injections may be a suitable alternative for patients looking for a treatment option that’s natural and more effective than topical applications, yet less invasive than surgery.

How Does a PRP Under Eye Treatment Work?

PRP therapy, also known as Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, is a non-surgical treatment for under-eye circles. The doctor will take the patient's blood and separate the platelet-rich plasma, which includes a growth factor that promotes skin regeneration and healing, from the rest of the blood.

The affected areas are injected with the regenerating serum (in this case, under the eyes). As a result, stem cell development is promoted. They increase blood circulation to the treatment area while increasing collagen and elastin formation. Volume loss caused by the natural aging process is gradually and naturally reversed. The under-eye area, in particular, is rejuvenated, resulting in a fairer, smoother, and more youthful look.

Am I a candidate for PRP treatment?

PRP therapy is a recommended treatment to consider if you have any of the following conditions:
Discoloration or dark rings under the eyes
Hollows under the eyes, with or without discoloration
Fine lines, wrinkles, and texture deficiency under the eyes
Wrinkles under the eyes, loss of suppleness and firmness
Bags under the eyes
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Recommended PRP Under Eye Treatments

Depending on the eye concern you are trying to correct, PRP is an effective therapy for certain eye conditions.

PRP for Hollow or Sunken Eyes

PRP injections have few negative effects because the patient is using their own blood, which they should have no reaction to. Following the procedure, it’s best to have a period of relative relaxation, usually followed by a progressive stretching and strengthening regimen.
PRP Under Eyes Before and After

PRP for Puffy Eyes / Under Eye Bags

If you have swelling under your eyes, volume loss could be the cause. The fatty pads beneath the epidermis, in particular, become more apparent in comparison to the sunken areas. The skin will be evened out with PRP. If the puffiness is caused by fluid retention, however, we may propose other types of treatment.

PRP for Dark Circles Under Eyes

Two factors can cause discoloration in this area. Hyperpigmentation is the first, which can be caused by sun damage or heredity. PRP is beneficial if this is the cause of your eye discoloration.

Loss of volume is the second cause of dark circles. A shadow might be cast in the area where there is a hollow under the eye. PRP can help to reduce the shadow by reversing volume loss.

PRP for Under Eye Crow’s Feet or Wrinkles

PRP can be used to fill the under eye area and reduce wrinkles around the eyes. However, receiving PRP treatment in these areas may remove you as a candidate for certain Botox treatments.
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The Cost of a PRP Under Eye Treatment

The cost of PRP injections under the eyes varies substantially depending on several factors, including the doctor's skill, location, and facilities. It's worth noting that treatments aren't usually covered by insurance, so if you want to try PRP injections for under-eye circles, you'll have to make other plans. A session of PRP injections can cost anywhere from $500 to $2000.

What Should You Expect From a PRP Eye Treatment? Does It Require Maintenance?

PRP injections help to heal the skin in your periorbital (eye) region, which helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Many patients report experiencing improvements in as little as two days after a therapy session. However, it's worth noting that seeing the full effects of a PRP injection can take some time.

Long after their PRP injection, many patients still notice positive outcomes. In fact, most patients are pleased with the effects of their treatment, which last for six to twelve months following the initial injection.
PRP Under Eye Treatment
The frequency with which you undergo a PRP eye procedure is determined by your skin condition, as well as your treatment goals. Every three to six months, we recommend getting a PRP Facial Treatment that involves the eye area. As a result, it would continue to provide benefits to the eyes, such as:
Discoloration or dark rings under the eyes
Hollows under the eyes, with or without discoloration
Fine lines, wrinkles, and texture deficiency under the eyes
Wrinkles under the eyes, loss of suppleness and firmness
Bags under the eyes

What are the PRP Under Eyes Side Effects?

PRP is derived from your own blood, ensuring that no foreign material enters your body. This suggests that the majority of side effects are mild.

Because PRP treatments reintroduce your own blood into your system, there is little danger of major side effects. There are, however, certain adverse effects that you may possibly encounter, including:
Irritation or mild itching
Minimal swelling
Bruising at the injection site that can persist for a few days

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