Effortless Body Contouring with CoolSculpting Elite at Aesthetiq Med Spa

With the rising demand for non-surgical, minimally invasive body contouring treatments, innovative technologies are continually being developed to help individuals achieve their ideal physique. CoolSculpting, a revolutionary fat reduction treatment, has already transformed the lives of countless individuals seeking to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat without surgery or downtime. Now, at Aesthetiq Med Spa in Oakdale, Minnesota, we are proud to introduce the next generation of this groundbreaking technology: CoolSculpting Elite.

In this comprehensive guide, we will shed light on the advancements of CoolSculpting Elite, as well as its benefits, the treatment process, and how it differs from traditional CoolSculpting. Furthermore, we will discuss how Aesthetiq Med Spa's team of skilled professionals can help you create a customized CoolSculpting Elite treatment plan to achieve your body contouring goals, supporting you every step of the way on your transformative journey.

At Aesthetiq Med Spa, our commitment lies in offering exceptional care and achieving outstanding results through the latest advancements in cosmetic treatments. By adopting a personalized approach and utilizing cutting-edge technology, we strive to help our clients confidently achieve their body sculpting goals with as little fuss as possible.

CoolSculpting Elite: The Next Generation of Fat-Freezing Technology

CoolSculpting Elite represents the latest innovation in non-surgical fat-reduction treatments. This advanced technology builds upon the success of traditional CoolSculpting by offering enhanced applicators, a more streamlined treatment process, and increased treatment area coverage. Key advancements of CoolSculpting Elite include:

1. Dual Applicators: CoolSculpting Elite features two applicators that can treat multiple areas simultaneously, effectively reducing treatment time and improving overall patient experience.

2. Advanced Applicator Design: CoolSculpting Elite's applicators have been redesigned for better contact and cooling, increasing the effectiveness of fat reduction and providing more consistent results.

3. Improved Treatment Options: With an expanded range of compatible applicators addressing various body areas, CoolSculpting Elite offers diverse treatment options for a more customized body contouring experience.

The Science Behind CoolSculpting Elite: Cryolipolysis Explained

The foundation of CoolSculpting Elite's fat-reduction capabilities lies in the process of cryolipolysis. This scientifically proven method employs controlled cooling to target and selectively reduce fat cells, resulting in a slimmer, more sculpted appearance without damaging the surrounding tissues. The process involves:

1. Targeting Fat Cells: CoolSculpting Elite applicators are applied to the treatment area, delivering precise cooling that penetrates the skin, targeting fat cells beneath.

2. Natural Elimination: Fat cells exposed to the controlled cooling process are crystallized and destroyed, after which they are gradually broken down and naturally eliminated from the body.

3. Long-Lasting Results: The destroyed fat cells are permanently removed from the body, resulting in a long-lasting reduction of fat in the treated area.

CoolSculpting Elite Treatment Experience: What to Expect

A CoolSculpting Elite treatment session at Aesthetiq Med Spa is designed to be comfortable, efficient, and effective. Here's what clients can expect during their body contouring journey:

1. Initial Consultation: During your personalized consultation, our team will evaluate your body contouring goals and determine if CoolSculpting Elite is the ideal solution for your unique needs.

2. The CoolSculpting Elite Procedure: On the day of your treatment, you'll relax in our comfortable treatment room as the CoolSculpting Elite applicators are applied to the targeted area(s). You may feel a slight cooling sensation, but the treatment is generally well-tolerated. During the procedure, you're free to read, use your phone, or even nap as the technology works its magic.

3. Post-Treatment Guidelines: After your CoolSculpting Elite session, you can typically return to your daily activities immediately, with little to no downtime. Our team will provide you with post-treatment instructions and guidance to help you maintain your results.

CoolSculpting Elite vs. Traditional CoolSculpting: What Sets Them Apart?

While both CoolSculpting and CoolSculpting Elite rely on the cryolipolysis process to achieve impressive body contouring results, CoolSculpting Elite offers several distinct advantages over the traditional approach:

1. Enhanced Efficiency: Dual applicators in the CoolSculpting Elite system allow simultaneous treatment of multiple areas, reducing the overall treatment time and offering a more efficient experience.

2. Improved Applicator Design: The redesigned applicators improve treatment outcomes by providing better skin contact and more consistent cooling for increased effectiveness.

3. Expanded Treatment Options: CoolSculpting Elite's increased compatibility with diverse applicators allows for more individualized body contouring plans for various body types.


CoolSculpting Elite represents a significant advancement in non-surgical fat reduction technology, offering clients an effective and efficient solution for targeted body contouring. By harnessing the powerful cryolipolysis process, CoolSculpting Elite provides impressive, long-lasting results with minimal downtime or discomfort.

At Aesthetiq Med Spa, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your body sculpting goals using cutting-edge treatments like CoolSculpting Elite. Allow our experienced professionals to guide you on your journey towards a more sculpted, confident figure by scheduling a personalized consultation today.

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