Body Contouring with Non-Invasive Coolsculpting Elite at Aesthetiq Med Spa

Welcome to a new era of body contouring, sculpting, and refinement with the latest Coolsculpting Elite technology available at Aesthetiq Med Spa. Located in Oakdale, Minnesota, Aesthetiq Med Spa is a trusted name in cosmetic procedures, offering a wide range of services, including injectables, laser hair removal, and personalized skin care solutions. Expertly tailored to each client's needs, Coolsculpting Elite provides a non-invasive solution to redefine and enhance your natural curves.

Say goodbye to stubborn fat deposits and embrace a more confident, contoured physique with the unparalleled expertise of Aesthetiq Med Spa's dedicated professionals. Unleash your full aesthetic potential and relish the freedom of Coolsculpting Elite's transformative results.

Coolsculpting Elite: The Science Behind the Non-Invasive Body Shaping Technology

Coolsculpting Elite is the latest innovation in body contouring technology, leveraging the science of cryolipolysis to deliver safe, precise, and effective fat reduction. Cryolipolysis, a term derived from "cryo," meaning cold, "lipo," meaning fat, and "lysis," meaning to break apart, utilizes controlled cooling technology to target, freeze, and ultimately eliminate stubborn fat cells without damaging adjacent tissues. Once crystallized, the fat cells are naturally processed and removed by your body, resulting in a permanent reduction of the treated fat deposits. Trust the proven science of cryolipolysis, expertly applied at Aesthetiq Med Spa, to revolutionize your body sculpting experience.

Candidate Assessment: Who Can Benefit from Coolsculpting Elite?

Prospective candidates for Coolsculpting Elite treatment are individuals with troublesome fat deposits resistant to diet and exercise efforts. The ideal candidate is close to their optimal body weight with realistic expectations of the treatment outcome. Importantly, Coolsculpting Elite is not a weight loss solution but, rather, a body shaping treatment designed to target and reduce stubborn fat to reveal a more contoured physique.

Coolsculpting Elite Consultation Process

The first step toward a slimmer, more contoured body begins with an in-depth consultation at Aesthetiq Med Spa. The consultation process ensures proper treatment planning and patient education. This personalized approach guarantees the development of a customized Coolsculpting Elite treatment plan that accurately addresses each individual's unique goals and body composition.

Coolsculpting Elite, represents a significant advancement in non-invasive body sculpting and fat reduction technology. The improved system boasts several improvements over the original Coolsculpting device, including:

  1. Dual Applicators: Coolsculpting Elite now features dual applicators, allowing for the treatment of two areas simultaneously, reducing overall treatment time, and offering a more convenient experience for busy clients.
  2. Enhanced Applicator Design: The advanced C-shaped applicators are designed to provide up to 18% more cooling surface area, targeting a larger treatment area and improving overall efficiency for a more comprehensive fat reduction.
  3. Improved Contact Cooling: Coolsculpting Elite ensures even cooling distribution across the treatment area for consistent, reliable fat reduction without the risk of unevenness or contour irregularities.
  4. Greater Comfort: The streamlined applicator design and lightweight materials contribute to a more comfortable client experience throughout the treatment session.

Your Coolsculpting Elite Treatment Experience

Guided by friendly professionals, your Coolsculpting Elite sessions are comprised of  a series of carefully planned steps:

  1. Preparation: The targeted area is prepped with a gel pad and applicator, creating a barrier between the skin surface and the cooling panels.
  2. Controlled Cooling: The Coolsculpting Elite device gently applies suction to secure the treatment area within the applicator before initiating controlled cooling. You may experience a mild sensation of pulling, tugging, or cold during the early moments of treatment.
  3. Treatment Time: Each application lasts approximately 35 to 75 minutes, depending on the treatment area, during which you can relax.
  4. Post-Treatment Massage: Upon completion, the applicators are removed, and your practitioner performs a brief massage on the treated area. This gentle massage helps break up the frozen fat cells and initiates your body's natural fat removal process.

Expected Results and Recovery Timeline

Unlike invasive fat reduction procedures, Coolsculpting Elite requires little to no downtime, allowing clients to return to normal activities immediately following treatment. You may experience mild side effects, such as redness, swelling, numbing, or mild discomfort, which generally resolve within a few days to weeks.

Visible results typically emerge between 4 to 12 weeks post-treatment. Fat reduction of approximately 20% to 25% can be achieved after a single Coolsculpting Elite session, with more dramatic results visible after completing the customized treatment plan recommended by your Aesthetiq Med Spa provider.

Experience the benefits of Coolsculpting Elite in achieving your body shaping goals at Aesthetiq Med Spa. As a leader in aesthetic treatments and personalized service, their expert team is committed to helping you unveil a more defined and sculpted figure.

Book a complimentary Coolsculpting Elite consultation and take the first step toward embracing a renewed sense of self-confidence. Trust in the skill, dedication, and individualized care provided at Aesthetiq Med Spa and experience why it is the #1 Coolsculpting Provider in MN.

Which Service Is Right for You?

Not sure where to start? We understand, it can be overwhelming to determine where to begin on your skincare journey. 

Here at AesthetIQ Med Spa, we are here to help you make decisions about which treatments and procedures will benefit you the most. Please, contact our office and our friendly staff will assist you in setting up a FREE consultation with one of our providers.

Aesthetiq Med Spa serves Oakdale, Whitebear Lake, Stillwater, Lake Elmo, Woodbury, St Paul and throughout the Twin Cities.
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