How To Look Your Best On Your Wedding Day

A Bride's Beauty Timeline

A bride's beauty timeline is complex in any situation. Hair, makeup, fitness, nails — not to mention the dress. However, when she decides to use injectables, fillers or even plastic surgery, planning and proper timing becomes even more essential.

In order to look great for her big day, the two main medical concerns are recovery time and periods of effectiveness. Also, for treatments requiring multiple applications, it's important to time the first and last sessions properly for peak results.

One Year Away

One year is a little early for some wedding planning concerns, but it could be a good time to start making appointments for the rest of the timeline. It's also generally a good time to start any of the more invasive plastic surgeries. Most of these types of procedures, such as facelifts or rhinoplasties, have long-lasting effects but also involve a significant recovery period.

Less invasive procedures, such as thread lifts, tend not to last as long as their more-involved counterparts. Therefore, it's best to hold off on these to make sure the treatments are still at their peak effectiveness on the wedding day.

Six Months

At six months, brides should probably be setting all of their important dermatology and medical spa appointments. This is also a good time to do laser skin treatments and body sculpting. Any spot removal, rosacea treatments and so on may take multiple applications to be effective, with a healing period between each one. Six months should be enough time to see some significant results and to allow the skin some well-deserved rest.

Three Months

There could still time to do some last-minute major procedures at the 12-week mark. However, this is a tough call — patients should base their decisions on their own history, the recommendation of doctors and the risk they're willing to take in terms of recovery.

Three months is probably a better time to start doing injectables and fillers. Nearly every popular neuromodulator treatment, such as Botox or Xeomin, will still be going strong well after the wedding. Certain body sculpting procedures can also continue during this time.

One Month

Since most, if not all, fillers and injectables require some amount of recovery time, and because recovery rates could be affected by stress levels, one month is generally the deadline for brides who want to get these types of treatments. After that, it's time to get as much relaxation and sleep as possible to help speed the recovery process.

Knowing the best times can help you recommend treatments to your patients, advise on scheduling follow-ups and offer alternatives for less-than-recommendable last-minute procedures. The result: a picture-perfect wedding.

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